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Only the Best at Bay’s This Holiday

Call for availability on Prime Rib roasts (719) 242-1928

Holiday Preparations


Save money when you buy in bulk. Packages available in family-friendly quantities for any occasion and season.

7LBS – 80/20 Ground Beef
4LBS – Beef Roast
2LBS – Beef Short Ribs
2LBS – Beef Crossribs
4LBS – Beef Steak (Round &/or Skirt)
4LBS – Pork Chops
3LBS – Bulk Sausage
4LBS – Chicken Breast
2LBS – Bacon

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  • Ground Chicken

    $699 Tax
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    Garlic & Herb Marinaded Chicken Breast

    $799 Tax
  • Placeholder

    Marinaded Chicken Breast

    $699$799 Tax
  • Boneless Skinless Breast

    $699 Tax
  • Mile High Marinaded Chicken Breast

    $799 Tax
  • Placeholder

    Lemon Pepper Marinaded Chicken Breast

    $749 Tax
  • Tenderized Chicken Breast

    $749 Tax
  • Placeholder

    Teryaki Marinaded Chicken Breast

    $799 Tax

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